fix exceptions related to btcpay HTTP calls. better cleanup of expired
btcpay invoices.
Make backing image changes, fix minor spelling
Show VMs that you can afford
Add pricing details to front page
Update doc
second draft for 7th schema
Adjust pricing according to standard model
Bump schema version
Migrate to generic template names
affero GPL license
implement anti-csrf measures in all posted forms
fix favicon.ico
implement content-security-policy, static assets cache bust, and fix
stripe back button ratchet issue

because the only way to use stripe checkout is to run their proprietary
JS, and we arent using a SPA, naturally what happens is, when you land
on the stripe payment page if you hit the back button it goes back to
the same page where you got re-directed to stripe. this commit fixes
correctly decode output from list-ids.sh
log inconsistency warning email
implement ensure_vms_and_db_are_synced in cron task and add default
sender to readme
set schema version on guix notready schema downgrade
update readme to explain how to use .env file
Clarify some common workflow confusion