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Cyberia Congress Notes 4-25-21

jesse (he)

excused absences: 

branch updates

    games- no updates yet, maybe something someday?

    services- most recent update went as badly as possible, working on getting a PCI card that fits in our server 

    meta- IRS app hasn't progressed much, talked with hackers.town crowd for possible 501c10 sub-group

    design- brie, friend of j3s and aimless, may be designing some stuff for us

    hardware liberation- maybe now is not the best time for hardware, but looking forward to getting together and hacking on stuf-- plenty of hardware

    outreach- reached out to hackers.town and talked with them about 501c10 stuff, mastodon/federated server isn't up yet, might be on pause

treasurer update
we still have money! We've already made the money we spent on hardware back on capsul.
$1416.02 in the bank, $200 cash, and some crypto
We could buy stuff-- we have enough in the bank to cover a year's expenses 
Is j3s accidentally covering our hosting costs out of pocket? 

vote on agenda, aimless voted to approve agenda, chris seconded
motion carried by voice vote 

discuss physical location
- The location we'd looked at seems to have moved on without us, landlord ghosted us, avoided j3s when he happened to run into him on the street
- We should look for a different place
- What about these radio stations?
- does icarus have any info on open spaces in his cool dj building?
- is a short term lease feasible? 
- can we ping icarus re: availability in ivy building

johnny motions to adjurn, forest and chris seconded, motion passes by voice vote, with one vote against

meta should host a code of conduct chat
 - no doxxing, but how does public info overlap? 

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